Like many people, I arrived on a path of healing out of necessity. During my late 20’s my own health was already falling apart - I had sustained multiple injuries that required extensive surgery and my diminished resistance to disease resulted in a number of serious illnesses. Western medicine seemed to run out of ideas and momentum with my case - the prognosis became a life-long series of routine operations and prescription anaesthetics, which presented an ultimatum - learn the art of healing or proceed in disempowered suffering. 


I explored nutrition, herbal medicine, yoga and meditation. My results were generally positive and I began to feel much better, although I could not reconcile the glaring truth that the same strategy never reproduced the exact same effects for everybody. Even my own health was not as stable as I had hoped. Why did one approach not yield the same results for everyone, or even within a single person over the long term? We are clearly all very similar, yet not all exactly the same. What is it that makes us so different?


This thought process is ultimately the path that led to my discovery of traditional Tibetan medicine. Perhaps the most ancient recorded system of healing, it is a system based on the fundamental principles of nature - the five elements. Another founding perception of this system is the idea of ‘tendrel’ -  that all phenomena are interconnected & interdependent - nothing exists independently from anything else. According to Tibetan medicine, this is the nature of reality. 


Tibetan medicine explores health and disease from the understanding that while we are all made from the same dynamic ingredients, the amounts and arrangement of these ingredients varies greatly from one person to the next. Through study and practise, this natural perspective on healing began providing clear answers to many of the questions I had about health & disease - questions that always remained unaddressed by the more ideological methods of western nutrition and modern medicine. 


Tibetan medicine is without question one of the most accurate and sophisticated medical sciences in the world. The Tibetan name for this system of healing is ’Sowa Rigpa’, which translates as ‘Healing Science’. It is important to note however, that ‘Sowa Rigpa’ has another translation - another meaning. It also translates in English as ‘Nourishment of Awareness’, which pints towards the fact that this is far more than just a system of medicine. It is a truly holistic philosophy that enables us to connect with and have a genuinely rich understanding of Nature - of how Nature works and essentially what it is made from. Applying this knowledge to our own lives, we can begin to understand our own inner-nature more completely, and realise that the Nature within and the Nature all around us are the same, and are truly sacred. In the broadest sense, Tibetan medicine is a complete spiritual practice. It is a philosophy for living and dying. 


I have been studying, training & practicing traditional Tibetan medicine since 2012 and it has catalysed a profound transformation within me that has helped me to make genuine progress - physically, mentally and on the level of energy - the subtle anatomy of the body. Likewise I have been able to share this understanding with many people and help them on their journey towards greater health - whether through a personal consultation, or via the hundreds of hours of free videos I have uploaded to the Nyishar YouTube channel. 


I continue to study and expand my own understanding and share much of what I have learned through educational content online as well as working with private clients. This is the path of a lifetime - many lifetimes in fact.